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In addition to selling new and used tires and custom wheels, our Richmond, CA tire shop offers several automotive maintenance options to keep your car, truck, or SUV healthy and in optimal driving condition. Keeping up with your vehicle's preventative maintenance also helps prevent any major repairs from happening in the future. Call Tire Depot today for the lowest price guaranteed on your car's maintenance!

Alignment, wheel alignment


Wheel alignment has several benefits, including that it improves the safety of the driver and passengers, stops the vehicle from pulling to one side, increases fuel efficiency, and maximizes the life of your tires. Avoid having misaligned wheels, which diminishes the life of your tires by causing rapid and uneven tread wear. Save your tires before it’s too late.

free Brake Inspection, brake inspection richmond


It may be time for you to come in for a FREE brake inspection if your brakes are experiencing any of the following: continuous loud metal sound, jerky movements when your vehicle stops, squealing or grinding sound, or your brake or ABS warning light flashes. Tire Depot can help diagnose the problem and provide you with brake repair or replacement if needed.  

Fresh motor oil, oil change richmond


Motor oil keeps your engine lubricated so there isn’t any excess friction or wear on moving parts. By the time our technicians are done with your lube and oil change, your engine should be running smoothly, complete with a new oil filter, fresh oil, and a lubricated chassis. Changing your oil early and often will keep your engine running under optimal conditions. 

suspension service, steering repair


It may be time to have your suspension checked if you experience any of the following: shaky, unsteady, off-center, or stiff steering; excessive bouncing during bumps; and uneven tire wear. Have you hit a pothole recently? Potholes can cause damage to steering and suspension components. Bring your vehicle in for suspension work to help maintain a comfortable ride.

engine tune-up, car tune-up


Regular engine tune-ups will ensure you are driving with an efficient and reliable engine and will help prevent breakdowns in the future. During a tune-up, our technicians will ensure optimal performance of the following parts and more: spark plugs, spark plug wires, fuel filter, air filter, oil filter, and fuel injectors. Adhere to your owner's manual for recommended service intervals, or simply ask us at Tire Depot!

Alignment, wheel alignment


A tire-pressure monitoring system is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. Here at Tire Depot we can run diagnostics and do basic repairs on all makes and models except for European vehicles.

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